St Aidan's Pantry

St Aidan's Pantry, part of St Aidan's @ The Place To Be


Your Local Pantry is a network of community food stores, creating a sustainable and long-term solution to food poverty and helping the UK save money on their food bills. 
Stockport Homes Group first developed this pantry model and the social franchise is now run by a partnership between Foundations Stockport and Church Action on Poverty.

St Aidan's with All Saints have signed up to be part of the Your Local Pantry network and we are going to be running the St Aidan's Pantry every Tuesday from 9am - 12pm at St Aidan's @ The Place To Be, 10 Eastern Avenue, Speke, Liverpool, L24 2TA. 

The Food Pantry is a membership scheme that costs £3.50 a week and this gets you 10 items of good quality fresh and/or non-perishable food. 

To become a member, either pop in and see us or visit the your local pantry website. 

Riverside Floating support will be also be available every Tuesday for advice re: debt/housing etc






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